Some Facts about Hookah Tobacco

February 23rd, 2012 00:00

The tobacco mixture used in hookah tobacco differs from that used in regular cigarettes or other smoking products. Usually it is a moist blend also known as tobamel, of fresh tobacco leaves with molasses and any fruit pulp. Previously hookah connoisseurs added pomegranate juice into the water in order to add flavor to the smoke. Later hookah tobacco was already blended with various flavors, so nowadays a great range of highly aromatic hookah tobacco is offered.

While some hookah lovers still give preference to a strong Turkish tobacco, a great number choose flavored tobaccos. The moist, dark mixture comes in different flavors as cherry, mint, watermelon, grape, to jasmine, honey and more exotic blends as energy drink, red wine grape and two apples.

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The prices for hookah tobacco range from $14 to $30 depending on the quality and brand. At our online cigarette store you can choose from two famous hookah tobacco brands such as Ahram and Al Fakher that come in a big variety of flavors. The price in most lounges for a hookah session ranges from $4 to $9, so you may observe that it is more profitable to buy your favorite hookah and smoke it at home with your friends for a few times.

As hookah tobacco is moist it should be smoked with the help of a special hookah charcoal. Instead of being lit directly, the tobacco is heated with a coal disposed on tinfoil above the bowl holding the wet mixture. Each bowl of such moist tobacco lasts a long time, and needs to be replenished with the charcoal. When hookah was only appearing, there were particular rituals concerning the lighting and smoking of the hookah, it was prohibited to permit a cigarette smoker to light their cigarette off the hookah coal.

Hookah tobacco is particularly only 30% tobacco and the remaining 70% are fruit flavoring and molasses. It possesses 0.5% nicotine and some types even do not have tar. As the tobacco is heated and not burned, researches showed that there are fewer carcinogens in hookah than in other smoking products.

Though hookah is less carcinogenic and damper it should be noted, that it is still tobacco, and everyone who likes to relax smoking hookah, has to watch the time. So, find your favorite hookah flavor and let yourself relax in a good company, only do it in moderation.

By Sara Norton, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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