Smoking Will Be Prohibited in Open Air Events

March 4th, 2010 00:00

Open Air events are always a grandiose show to that prepares not only sponsors but also public. It is looked forward as it brings lots of positive emotions, good spirits and bumps up. This is always a great crowd that is why officials seriously and responsibly treat this event and make great efforts in order to provide order and security.

Yearly the rules become tougher. As it is known in many countries smoking is prohibited in public places, especially where is food served - restaurants and bars. So, Michigan authorities decided to draw a special attention to open air festivals too.

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District Health Department No. 4 health sanitarian, Jean Gross says that the new law will trigger also festivals and events since it outlaws smoking in traditional beer tents or anywhere beer is served. “If beer is served, smoking is prohibited,” she declared. “Since this drink is classified as a food, and anywhere near at hand food is served, smoking is now banned.”

Undoubtedly, this new principle will influence considerably on benefits of those small bars located in place where the event proceeds. And there is no exception that there will be fines. Law violation will turn out to be considerable sum of money and could be applied to both the owner of establishment and the violator. If to be more accurate the first fine will come to $100, the second $500, and the third could cost a license or force a closure of the constitution.

The owners and people who smoke won’t be able to accept this as they consider this law the evident violation of their rights. One of the displeased smokers asserted: “Open air is available for everyone and they do not have rights to prohibit us something as we are free in our choice.”

According to the law, all the enclosed areas of hotels, motels ought to be smoke free effective. Still there are places where smoking is allowed, but Gross says that the limitations are eligible.

“In case if you have a business and are the only employee, smoking may be permitted,” she added. “The gaming floors of Detroit casinos allow smoking and the law hasn’t real effect on all Indian casinos. The same refers to specialized tobacco shops; however they have to meet quite tight measure to be licensed and are subjected to serious monitoring.

After having heard of this law, a significant number of people declared that it will be senseless to go into smoke free institution, parties and places where smoking is banned. They will better stay at home, drink and party, rather than going without a cigarette.

During one of the interviews, health sanitarian stressed: “I am already working on several folks, including the Nautical Festival folks and trying to find a middle ground or at least an agreeable solution”. “It’s pretty cut and dried right now - no smoking in most public places that serve food and that includes beer.”

By Sara Norton, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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