Pipes and Cigars Not Safe Smoking Products

February 25th, 2010 00:00

People smoke mostly in the form of cigarette. And smoking cigarettes can harm the people’s health, and everyone knows that. But unfortunately many of them believe that smoking a pipe or a cigar is a more save alternative. But a recent study found that there is lung harm caused by long-term pipe and cigar smokers.


The new research showed that smoking pipes and cigars over the long period contributes to a deadly illness. It’s called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These smoking products can be the main cause of mouth and lip cancer and cancers of the throat, tongue and voice box. However, finesse and masculinity continue to be the main characteristics of pipes and cigars. And, according to the study, long-term smokers of pipes or cigars are likely at risk for COPD.

Dr. Graham Barr, of Columbia University Medical Center said: “COPD is at present the fourth leading cause of death. It’s soon going to overtake stroke as the third leading cause of death.”

The scientists investigated 3,528 participants from six regions throughout the country, including the Bronx. Researchers found the chemical cotinine, which is an end ingredient of tobacco smoke, in the urine samples taken from the pipe and cigar smokers. “So this last research showed that people smoking cigars and pipes in general are inhaling, and the tobacco smoke is being absorbed into the body,” Dr. Barr said.

Researchers also observed that those smokers who did smoke pipes or cigar were more likely to have airflow obstacle than people in the study who had never smoked. But smokers who smoked cigars and pipes on an ongoing, on a long-term basis, had approximately a double risk for air flow obstruction or an early form of COPD, added researchers. Researchers concluded that the only way to lowering risk of disease could be as easy as quitting smoking

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