High CigaretteTax Means Fewer Smokers

February 11th, 2010 00:00

Officials suggested that in Kansas should be approved a new anti-smoking legislation which will raise cigarette-tax less than the $52 million, because it is the best way to stimulate some smokers to quit smoking. Scientists declared that such a smoking ban would further scare smokers and decrease smoking among inhabitants, especially minors.

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High cigarettes prices will improve not only the Kansas revenue, but also the inhabitants’ health. So, less smoking would mean a healthier Kansas. It’s of greater interest how a higher cigarette tax in Kansas might influence businesses if it moves smokers out of state or onto the Internet to buy their smoking products.

In general, more anti-tobacco legislations appeared after the researchers’ declaration, in 2006, that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

The Gov. Mark Parkinson noted that North Carolina is among the 24 states with public smoking bans. “If North Carolina, the largest tobacco-producing state in the country, can decree public smoking ban, surely we can do it in Kansas,” he explained.

Mr. Parkinson has also argued about Missouri’s “old-fashioned” cigarette tax of 17 cents a pack: “We should not permit Missouri’s very poor public policy to influence the decisions that we do.” For example, Kansas charges 79 cents per pack. It raised its tax by 55 cents which would bring the state to the national state average of $1.34 per pack. But Oklahoma taxes smokers $1.03 per pack.

Statistics show that smoking is responsible each year for the deaths of at least 3,900 Kansans and a $927 million cost to taxpayers, lawmakers should pass a tax hike that, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, would get 9,000 adults to stop smoking and prevent 16,000 teens from starting again.

Of course can’t accept the new legislation only smokers - those directly affected by cigarette taxes – they are the most likely to say taxes are too high. Researchers concluded that they found that more Americans consider now that high cigarettes taxes law is a right step to better health.

By Sara Norton, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 Cigarette-Store.biz All rights reserved.

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